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Hello, I'm Genevieve

and I would like to give you an inside scoop on the person that’s behind the brand Invicarte.

Hands down, I always choose the romantic movie
Designing custom wedding stationery and connecting with soon-to-be-married couples, like you, allows me to be part of many a beautiful love story, for which I am honored. My ideas of romance, which flow over into every single one of my designs, paired with your vision of your dream wedding, combine naturally into beautiful and unique pieces. My commitment to you is to listen to your story, understand what you envision, guide you through the process and make the composition come to life on paper.

Where I get it from
As a kid, I enjoyed being busy with anything creative, from putting colored papers and fabrics together in order to make dolls’ dresses to filling up pages with all types of handwritten fonts I could come up with. During my teenage years and with a little encouragement from my mom (who up to this day adds a personalized touch to every card she sends out) I created my very first invitations… handwriting all 50 of them.

“Life is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans”
After graduating in Film and Video Production I also added Graphic Design to my background. At the time, I was busy paving my way in the multi-media industry and building a career as a TV Art Director for 10+ years when I met the person who would become my husband. In 2012 he popped the question! That is when I started envisioning our wedding, designing our wedding stationery and falling in love with the whole process. We got married, I left television, moved to another country and rekindled my love of papers. Today I incorporate my diverse creative arts background, my eye for detail and my innate passion for wedding stationery design to bring you highly curated quality creations made with love.

Travel: My other passion that keeps me inspired
When I’m not designing or watching romantic movies, you will find me planning my next trip or weekend get-away with my husband. The pleasure of discovering new places, people and even objects, really feeds my body, mind and soul which gives me renewed inspiration for my next designs.

I would love to be part of your Wedding Dream Team
I invite you to contact me if you have any questions about my work or to start designing your dream wedding invitation!

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